Statement of Purpose Sample

Graduate School SoP – Only a Unique Idea Is Considerable

Nowadays, graduate school SoP has absolutely changed the outdated concept of admission criteria in any dream college or academic program. SoP is truly an opportunity for the right candidates to prove themselves by expressing their motivations and unique aims behind choosing a particular career path.  Of course, the exam score card depicts the academic background of a student, but it is absolutely not the sole criteria to judge the intellectual ability of a student and it does not reveal the reason for choosing a particular career path. Moreover, SoP is not just a paper that carries a more or less 1000 words essay or answers of some unique questions that are asked by the admission committee of an academic institution, but it is the most powerful document that decides the acceptance or rejection of an admission application. So, every candidate who wants to get admission in its dream college must avoid the typical mistakes in writing a statement of purpose.

Tips to Write an Excellent SoP

It is obvious that anyone who wants to get admission in its dream college should take inspiration from such statement of purpose sample that could fulfill the key requirements for creating a flawless SoP.

According to a famous writing instructor Debby Bacharach

“A statement of purpose gives you an opportunity that other application materials don’t — a chance to write from your heart. Aside from test scores, grades and other requirements, admission committees want to know who you are. The committees weigh data and personal information to determine if you and the school are a winning match. Help them out. Reveal the experiences, talents, and passions that led you to the program and inspired you to apply.”

Following are the tips to create an immaculate SoP:

Focus the career path

The key thing to consider about writing an inspirational SoP is to focus the career path or area of study. For example, writing the graduate school SoP does not exactly determines the aim of a student behind choosing a particular career path. The candidate must be more precise about the dream career path that he is writing a biology SoP or economics SoP. Obviously, there is always a solid reason behind choosing a career path and any achievement or remarkable point that portray the interest in that area of study, must be highlighted in the SoP. If a law school SoP will reveal some critical opinions of the candidate about a present hot issue, it will be definitely a plus point in the eyes of admission committee about the interest of candidate for a selected career path.

Unique future plan

However, only the previous achievements or knowledge about dream career path is not good enough to select the candidate for its mentioned field of study. The candidate must share some unique ideas in the SoP about the future plans in terms of research work. If a candidate is writing the computer science SoP, he can write a short description of the concept of developing a unique computer program. This unique idea will be definitely workable and will compel the selection committee to think seriously about that candidate. Similarly, if any college is famous for remarkable research works in the mechanical engineering field, the candidate can present the unique mechanical engineering SoP with the idea of taking advantage from advanced research work facilities available in that particular institute.

Avoid details of family background

Always remember! there is no need to write long details of family background and income resources. Of course, a good SoP should reveal the life journey of a candidate, but it must be in very brief manner. A selection committee has no interest about achievements of candidate’s parents and other family members, they are only concerned about the enthusiasm of candidate. So, the candidate must not forget that he has very limited space for writing the SoP that should not be wasted in long unnecessary stories of praising the family background. For instance, if a candidate is writing nursing SoP and some of his family members did a remarkable work in the nursing field, there is no need to highlight this victory in more than one line. It will decrease the scope of a candidate.

Avoid exceeding the allowed limits to write SoP

If some candidate is writing the PhD SoP, it doesn’t mean that he has to write long details of his aims about a particular career path. Never try to exceed the allowed limits of writing the SoP. If the admission committee has asked you to write the SoP not more than 1000 words that make it sure that you have followed the instructions. Similarly, sometimes selection committee gives you some specific questions, in such situation only try to focus on a particular answer to a concerned question. Over efficiency is also dangerous. Such situation becomes more critical in writing the psychology SoP, psychology students try to play with the minds of committee members in writing the SoP. This thing can leave the negative impact on members of the admission committee. So, always avoid exceeding the allowed limits for creating a good SoP.

Either writing the graduate school SoP or PhD SoP, always try to focus on a career path, unique future plan and avoiding to exceed the allowed limit!