The Truth about Statement of Purpose

Powerful Statement of Purpose

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The Truth about Statement of Purpose

How can you write a statement of purpose effectively? If you want to be accepted in your chosen program, you should be considering that one of the most important things that the admissions are looking into is the statement of purpose. To make it right the first time, you may want to read on the following expert tips for you for the good statement of purpose.

Strategy to Write a Powerful Statement of Purpose

  1. Write stories, not statements
  2. Quantify your stories
  3. Be specific
  4. Customize your essay
  5. Use a formal but conversational tone
  6. Address your problems
  7. Don’t create stories. Be yourself.
  8. Do your homework
  9. Take advice from professors

5 Things Which All College Admissions Officers Want to See in the Applications

  1. A picture of your overall personality
  2. Academic background and work experience
  3. Continuity
  4. Commitment and motivation
  5. Communication skills

7 Things to Avoid When Writing Your Graduate Statement of Purpose (SOURCE: Essay Edge)

  1. Do not use colloquial expressions.
  2. Avoid contractions.
  3. Avoid controversial subjects and strong opinions.
  4. Do not be disorganized.
  5. Do not forget to proofread your statement.
  6. Avoid stretching the truth in discussions of your responsibilities.
  7. Do not exceed the word limit.

In general, tell them about yourself, why you want to study in the university, why you choose the course and what have you done so far to reach the point where you are now. Give them a clear picture of the kind of person you are or student you will be and show proof that you can be a valuable addition in their community through your essay. Finally, do not forget proofreading and editing to polish your final copy. Get a discount for the psychology statement of purpose or any other type of SoP today! If you need a truly different and remarkable statement of purpose economics essay you are welcome to handle the task to us!

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