FAQ on Writing Statement of Purpose

What is the statement of purpose?

The statement of purpose is a document that you must complete when you are applying to a school or university that delves into your personal skills, experience, or history in some way. It’s all about giving the institution to which you’re applying an intimate look at who you are and what you can bring to the table, giving them not just more information, but more convincing.

Is writing statement of purpose difficult?

It can be a very difficult thing to accomplish at a high level largely because you will have so much to communicate and so little space or few words with which to do so. The challenge is in finding the balance between what you need to say and what will really make a difference.

How do I write the statement of purpose?

The key is to start out with a single, central idea that you want to communicate about yourself, whether it’s something in your past, a certain skill or event, or a certain issue that is meaningful for you. Build your statement of purpose around this.

Can I get help with my statement of purpose?

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How does your SoP writing services work?

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